Sunday, August 28, 2011

100. Full Circle

I made it to the end! And in such distinguished company too. The people who inspired me are of course listed in the tags at the side, but since I took a predominantly visual approach to the inspiration, there are many fantastic people involved in the project that my magpie fingers did not encompass, the wonderful writers and poets that I enjoyed reading so much such as Susan Gibb, Steve Ersinghaus, Mohini Dasari, Kendra Bartell etc.
My hugest thanks to Dorothee (her picture below from re/creation) for introducing me to the project, and to Sina & Steve for the back & forth nature of inspiration.

Things grew and faded, and yes, died. I no longer cry but enjoy the sadness
We circled each other, spiralled and pulled a little closer on most passes
I don't always know how to write the things I want to say
There will be something beyond this day.

(I will bring together a book or e-book - I'm just not sure where yet)


  1. Wonderful, I love your thoughts and the images are beautiful.

  2. Julia - interesting work once again. Have enjoyed sharing the summer's program with you.

  3. beautiful work, julia. it has been delightful sharing this project with you over these 100 days.

  4. Some fantastic work, Julia, and I look forward to continuing at "beyond 100 days" along with you. Thank you for sharing your twist on things!