Tuesday, August 9, 2011

081. Juan Muñoz

As promised! Thanks to Mum for the high resolution image that allowed me to play around and get the pictures below - certainly from before the days I had a digital camera! I don't think they quite convey the sense I had when I was there, probably because the size doesn't come over too well; but they were chest height, the size of a  child approaching adulthood, which added to the feeling of, maybe helplessness, the sense that they were mired in something they couldn't escape.

                             my ghosts will be solid
                             haunting me and sitting on me
                             no escape.                              "you were careless
                             and cruel with others" and when
                             I protest that I knew no better,
                             that that was all the experience I had had
                                                          "you of all people should have
                             known not to be like that"

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