Wednesday, August 3, 2011

075. Children

Not really sure I can get down hugely coherent thoughts about motherhood (for me) here. Being of an age where it is probably too late to start thinking about it, I started thinking about it again. Bruce Spear's "No 52" and a mood shot of small girl (niece) going determinedly to play on the beach are the background for today's thoughts.

You realise, when you are around them, the truth of the glib line about children being the future. I am a genetic dead end, my DNA will not carry forward in time. I wonder if I should have a say in shaping the future, since I won't be there and neither will my genes. My familial genes will be there, my nieces and nephew will tread, full of purpose, into the generations as I will not; but the unchanging matrilineal markers that my mother introduced me to in more ways than one, they will not proceed, will not pass Go, they are cut from the pattern.

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