Sunday, August 14, 2011

086. Language

More ponderings on curves, lines and asemia today. Wondering if there is any such thing as a common language, if so it has to be non-verbal, deep & instinctive. I used Sina's "curviliciously arced" from day 82, with a few adjustments - rotated to look more menacing for example; and a development from the series I've been calling "foamwritten"

when i look back at the things you say they mean so little even the things that we said to each other that stopped us saying things to each other for so long they no longer have a kick or a twist to the guts i wonder if it is because i am healed because i have reached that plateau where your words are just not sounds that i hear they are scratchings dead things without you animating them so that it is only a game that we play now and of course we both think each of us is safe as the words are pretty teasing things but dead pinned to the paper the screen i look down at rosetta and see the tablet that allows me to translate and bring your words to life

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  1. This is an especially successful conjunction - perhaps it is the monochrome which appeals? I don't know but the whole post has a quiet strength about it