Saturday, August 27, 2011

099. Branching out

Oh that the end is so near... it is time for a little introspection. Today I use Billie's "Day 75 - layers" as a start point to ramble on about the things I have come across during the project. I paired it with an early development stage asemic image derived from snowbound winter branches (the original here). Strictly speaking, I came across the whole idea of asemic writing while hosting an edition of the >language>place blog carnival; but when I think about finding my artistic voice in this project, this is what comes to mind. And  layers captures it perfectly, this is how I build the writing, the markings, taking shapes from images.

I conjure a moment out of time for us, another one. Sun heated river smoothed stones at the edge of the languid water, fishing with our toes. Insects, no, a pair of dragonflies, they dizzily buzz around us, you start to raise your arm to point them out to me, then realise that I saw them at the same time, turning to you with wonder on my lips to tell you. A wisp of breeze flutters coppery backlit hair across my eyes and I view you through molten sun-red riches. Your hand brushes it, brushes my face. You believe in it.
Out of time we lay down by the river.

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