Thursday, August 25, 2011

097. Stones

Catherine Singer has a series of photographs called "Sea Jewels", with lovely composition of flotsam/jetsam against glistening black stones; I chose her "Sea Jewel 3" as inspiration for today. Paired with the closest thing I have to a brand or avatar, a highly photoshopped picture of a split stone also from Iceland. The weight and pressure of the glaciers fractures the stones underneath, and when the water melts, the split stone shape is left behind on the moraine.

I am a little thing, washed up here on the stones, so hard and glossy and rounded and unyielding.
I am mostly water myself, and will soon shrivel and dry and lose myself to the wind.

I am a little thing, under the pressing ice, so thick and heavy and  cold and pressing. 
I am only stone myself, and will soon fracture and break apart into an igneous skeleton. 

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