Saturday, August 13, 2011

085. Spatters

I loved Sarah Ficca's "Manual Labor" when I first saw it, but it's taken me a while to come up with a companion piece to it. I wanted the randomness of spatters but in playing with the image, something else developed. Working title is "Earth in a soup bowl"

I walked past the pond today, and there was a heron again. The first time I saw it I was cross, I thought "they" had put up another stupid plastic or plaster ornament, like the ridiculous seal. But it was real, it was stillness, silence.
When you tell me about your day, what you are doing, what you plan to do, what you think about it; I feel part of your life. Then you stop talking and go to do these things, and I have stillness, silence. The spatters of your presences are elsewhere.

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  1. NICE! thats so great to see the back and forth exchange. You just gave me a big smile.