Friday, August 26, 2011

098. Scars

Sina is also intrigued by the whole asemic writing concept, and has been doing some wonderful stuff over at 100 Days of Sun and Art. Today I am pinching even more detail from her piece "the scars language can leave behind" and pairing it with a further experiment of mine on the spiral theme. More thoughts on the ending of the project. And I have been working on a compilation of all the work in this Magpie Days blog and exploring where to post it...

there will be an emptiness at the end
we were stuck too close to not tear the skin 
on parting on leaving threads filaments
jellyfish stingers embedded in each other
unbearable itching tearing off the scab
making it well blood and junkie blind 
searching for the next fix something to fill our
mouths our fingers and steal our minds

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