Monday, August 22, 2011

094. My backbone

The cool blue of Sina's "Day 94" and the gentle curves really worked for me today, flying off to a Slovene heat wave... Feeling the lethargy of coming to the end of the project, wondering what is beyond 100 days...

It looks ridiculous on the table, lying there. It seems smaller than I had imagined somehow. You have done a good job, it is mostly clean; there are a few scraps clinging to it here and there, to remind us where it came from. I droop a little. With its extraction the few words left to me nestled in the crevices, I am no use to them now. We have done it, with my help you have rendered me spineless. It scuttles off the table on invisible feet.


  1. I absolutely love the concept, the image, and most of all, the story you've written here.

  2. I wonder as well what's just beyond grasp. I didn't finish last year and while it's been overwhelming at times, this has been such a fab experience. I hope I keep at it. You, too. And Susan, too, both you you! :) Scuttles, extraction, crevices...I love reading smart-people writings! And this is rather timely--I've been (trying to) finish a book about med school's cadaver lab and as I near the end, I wonder about the exposed bone and endings and lessons learned. Oh, I'm blabbing. I love the mobius-vertebrae with the red(?) curvilinear marks atop, the shadow of negative space within, the surprise of seeing what is usually hidden.