Thursday, June 30, 2011

041. Don't look back

Change of emphasis today, I went browsing over at Bruce Spear's blog again, and found a load of wonderful images of faces, characters. Among them, the anonymous faces of advertisements, or posters, or who knows what, behind glass. I picked n° 29, I love the condensation on the hair of the bloke. And I have been dying to use the shot below of a graffitied window from Berlin... words - free form god-knows what... Let me know what you think!

the faces say "you want to let us out" at least that's what you think until scrunching the glass under your feet you realise they said only "look at you" and you can't hide from their eyes following that point behind your ear you would turn and look but they would follow and you would look like a cat trying to chase its tail
pause paws pause paws pause pause paws 
you think you are being clever but their expressions are verging on condescending squeak goes the glass crumbs trapped in the pattern on the soles of your shoes squeak squeak skreeeeek as you start to run away

1 comment:

  1. Despite the cat chasing its tale, you have very subtly created something nightmare-ish here.