Thursday, June 2, 2011

013. Sitting

More browsing, more to see, read, mull over. Today I chose a piece from Billie Williams over at Confession time? I am a cat person, I guess if I had seen the title of the blog I might not have clicked it, and then I would have missed out on some gorgeous black and white photography. I wanted to start with her shot of encinitas beach; but Tuesday's shot of two chairs caught my eye, reminding me (again) of last years visit to New Orleans and making a nice contrast with the silty warm colour of two chairs snapped on Southern Decadence weekend, and a haiku pair below.

Double Measures
sunned whisky and silt
muted days, writers bake thoughts
into dialogue

breezes thread cool gaps
through heated conversations,
bourbon mellows us

(see Issuu publication here for more from the writers weekend in The Big Easy)


  1. i love the way you combine photographs with poetry in your posts. i think it's a great way to try to see connectivity between two very different mediums of expression.

  2. Excellent flow in "Double Measures" - the poem succinctly captures the southern/New Orleans ambience.

  3. Thanks for the ping - I love your 'Double Measures' imagery - I feel as though I am sitting there sipping my own bourbon.