Monday, June 27, 2011

038. what is between us?

today, looking for more circles, to develop the on/off/round again we go theme that has been in my head for a couple of weeks... but no, that wasn't what came to inspire me in the end. A similar meme, picked up from Silvana's "The space between us (detail)", contrasted against a filled space...

                                        you have left a space there for me
                    of course I think it is on purpose
                                                            you knew I would step into it, after all
                                                                                why is it that I fill you up, should it
                    not be the other way around; but
                                                            you would not step into what is between
                                         us, you would not be that bold,
                                                                                that deliberate;. it is okay for me to take
                                                            the lead, wait there for me, I am all
                                        of your free spirit.


  1. Like the image, but love the prose.

  2. love your image and writing. also, can't believe you posted an image of beach posts because i was working on a print of them today! kinda' scary sometimes, the way our work co-mingles even when we're not aware of it. i'll post my own beach posts in the next few days. you've inspired me (once again!). :-)

  3. Definitely a thought-provoking piece - "You knew I would step into it" really speaks to the intimacy of the relationship.

  4. Such heart felt words beautifully put.
    Wonderful compilation of the idea -'the space between us', Thank you