Tuesday, June 21, 2011

032. Peeling

I don't know whether it is the done thing to use a piece that you originally inspired as further inspiration, it seems a little incestuous, but ever since I saw Steve Veilleux's Day 20 piece "Reflections in my mind" I wanted to do something with it. Also in the mix, still, Sabin Aell's wonderful series "With Softness it unveiled", the peeling off of layers, revealing themselves as something extraordinary, blended with the twists and turns and glanced mirrors in reflections. And, hopefully, building something a little better out of yesterdays theme...

I thought we were interwoven, that our thoughts and habits were as entangled as our limbs. Your breath and mine pooled together, molecules forever mingled. You spooned behind me, shelter, safety, and because I was you and you were me we protected each other from stray loneliness, spiking outside. Sweat filmed between us and whose it was, no-one could tell, as if which of us it originated with mattered anyway.
And you, you spoilt this, you peeled away from me.


  1. Oh Julia, that's such a heartbreaking lament, "you peeled away from me." Wow.

  2. Very well chosen conjunction of images, further enhanced by the words; 'we protected each other from stray loneliness' especially evocative.

  3. agreed, piece is real evocative - glad you found some return use for my Reflections.

  4. I used your haunting writing to inspire my day 33 work.