Thursday, June 9, 2011

020. Folie à deux

The talented Nicolette Wong has long been a must-read writer for me, particularly her blog "Meditations in an Emergency", and she is also participating in the 100 days project with "Le bleu de ciel" I am always in awe of her words, and the way they send my thoughts spinning, skittering... Todays effort is inspired by her day 16 post "Folly".

                                                    I love you
You love me?                                                    
I don't feel it...                                                    
How can I tell?                                                    
                                                    Can't you tell?
I want to love you.                                                    
                                                    But you don't?
I don't know...                                                    


  1. thanks love, for such kind words! ha, you're so smart - some people (who must be kind of absent-minded) can't tell what's in that picture. apparently you know what it's all about.

  2. enjoyed the collaboration. coming for a visit while doing my big round but i'm looking forward to coming back! my own work for 100 days is here.

  3. Very cool. This might generate something for tomorrow.

  4. This is so clever on several levels - and I love 'skittering'