Friday, July 1, 2011

042. I said, Don't look back

Playing catch up again - sometimes life & projects don't mix too well. I have a couple of weeks trip coming up & have to sort out how I will manage to keep up with 100 days. I don't want to peter out, I am enjoying it too much, I guess I am just worried that I will find excuses to. Today's picture from Stephen Hastings-King's wonderful edge effects blog, his day 42 and his wonderful words from "Outside"
"When we passed the boundary my mind opened like a fan. I saw words floating on the surface of the water, everything I was going to say."

I know I said the road led nowhere
but it was nice to know it was there
if your flood-waters drain from here
will a path for me appear?

1 comment:

  1. sweet. thanks much for checking out the edge effects. really pleased that you like the pieces and the imaginary worlds the images create.