Sunday, June 19, 2011

030. Skirts

Today, so much choice, I didn't know where to start, and so I procrastinated half the day away... head in novel, snoozing in bed, watching repeats on DVD... More playing with the dozens of lily photographs, more interesting shapes as they fade, dessicate.
Finally I got it whittled down to Beth Stone's "Wedding Bells are Ringing", as it occurred to me that despite the bells ringing at 7am, 7pm, sometime around teatime on weekdays and Saturdays (and a lot more on Sundays); I have never seen a wedding at the Evangelical church across the road. Pfff... bury my head back in the books... pick out the wisdoms that I will continue to ignore.

"I am happy on my own until I hear other people enjoying themselves, and have to compare myself to them. If there were no other people I wouldn't feel alone" - Steph Swainston; The Year of our War

"Wisdom never comes from staying at home and avoiding unhappiness. In order to become wise you must go out into the world and be tossed about in its storms, stripped bare by terrible experiences and confused by good ones" - Steph Swainston; The Modern World

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