Saturday, July 9, 2011

050. Shell

I have been enjoying Sina's up close animal shots these past few days, starting with the elephants on the run, and when I found the glowing colours of her "Turtle topography" I knew I had to use that too! And finally made it through to number 50! I would be half-way if I had caught up on the backlog... those 3 missing pieces from the beginning are weighing on my mind, and I need to get them completed, but oh, when? I have some strange internal rules about doing them, which is why it's taking me so long... anyway, using Sina's image and adding more asemic text...

You think I built my shell to keep the world out. You are not sure if the world includes you or not. It annoys you if I say it is only there because it looks pretty. You do think it looks pretty, it has a certain sheen and you like to think you can see below it to the pink huddled fragility underneath. The pinkness does not look like a shell to you because that is what you expect to find there. The blackness at the end of all the layers would frighten you.


  1. This is a remarkable description of the psyche and its protective layers. And of how another person fails to understand. Love it.
    What strikes me in the photograph is the Hebrew/Yiddish lettering paired with the tortoiseshell. Were those letters part of the actual shell? Is that possible?

  2. You ROCK!
    That pink huddled fragility was a nice, unexpected turn...I guess I never considered what might be under the shell.

    And I get strange internal rules. I wouldn't let them beat you up too much, something will eke out and likely when you least expect. Like elephants in a rainstorm, or the idea of writing on toenails at high tide. :)