Sunday, July 10, 2011

051. Travelling

With Susan Gibb's wonderful piece "The Plane" and Steve Veilleux's "The Cube Unplugged No 2", the theme was really set for travelling half way across the world today. I put their pieces together, not really sure it's doing either of them justice, but I wanted to embellish on the box theme rather than planes being plucked from the sky... Against that, an early morning (very cropped) picture in the airport; not this morning as I was there some hours after sunrise, but a morning last week..

I folded my wings today too, not around you, not enveloping you in my prickly feather warmth. I folded them around myself, overheating in the warmth of my thoughts, the flames that are only fantasy. I left the ground, I flew, but it was cheating, not under my power but that of petrol fired whirlwinds.


  1. Julia, I think you honored our work and expanded beautifully on it. The airport image adds that fantasy feeling, that feeling you bring in with your words.

  2. I was just talking to Steve Ersinghaus about how placing two pieces like this together changes each of them; think he said something like you can never see one of them again without the other coming to mind. And of course, you've brought three of us together here. Well done, Julia

  3. it's planes travelling, crossing, with the sum shaping a wider sky. thanks for these winged moments, and for the timing: tomorrow, i will be crossing borders, too.