Friday, July 22, 2011

063. As night falls

Inspired by Katie Bentley's "Isolated Event", and the Chicago night skyline. The storm rolled into town in a strangely subdued manner. The sky flashed, strobed, clouds were suddenly backlit and then they weren't. Sheet lightning, no forks, and no thunder to be heard either. Whether this was due to the traffic noise, or being in a talking group of people I'm not sure. Later in the hotel, behind plate glass I closed my eyes and the lightning didn't even register as I fell asleep.

the horizon looking away from the sea                                        
human horizon, we build with lights                                        
cover the land so that the dark                                        
is above us only, build skyscrapers                                        
and deck them out with lights too                                        
so we push the black away from us                                        
turn it to a burning orange                                        

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