Sunday, July 24, 2011

065. Green Man

Nature and lines intersecting. Is it true that nature has no straight lines? Even the horizon is curved when you take the bigger picture... but of course, crystal structure is full of straight edges, diamond hard or deliquescent salts. Today I was inspired by Emily Ayres' "balloon man" picture of nature with lines, and used this to develop the green theme further in "glowleaves"

your fingers wriggle through me, tracing lines across my inside organs                          
your breath filled my lungs and you oxygenated me, my blood                          
was redder because of you, chlorophyll creature, sessile one                          
you stay there, I will come by and pick the droops, my reward                          
for tending your blossoms when you drew me to you, and for                          
keeping the birds off                          

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