Sunday, May 29, 2011

009. Iceland

Catherine Singer's theme for 100 days is Iceland. How could I resist? Her image, possibly Þingvellir, is winterbound, stark and eerily beautiful. I visited in the summer, when Iceland was a land of light, and the image I chose is of Sólfar (The Sun Voyager, by Jón Gunnar Árnason). The colours echo (foreshadow, if I was not working backwards) the coffee and cream glacier in day 10.

From the Orkneyinga saga (written by an unknown Icelander in the early 13th century) - secondly inspired by Marcus Speh's use of mediaeval images & characters in 100 days and nights

Next morning when it was light they went to look for runagate men among the isles if any had got away;  and each was slain on the spot as he stood.  Then earl Einar took to saying these words:  “I know not what I see in Rinansey, sometimes it lifts itself up, but sometimes it lays itself down, that is either a bird or a man, and we will go to it.”  There they found Halfdan long-leg, and Einar made them carve an eagle on his back with a sword, and cut the ribs all from the backbone, and draw the lungs there out, and gave him to Odin for the victory he had won then Einar sung this:
                  “Man broad-bearded oft is outlawed,
                  Many a one, for stealing sheep;
                  But in isles here I for felling
                  Mighty Harold’s youthful son:
                  Risk hangs o’er me, say the freemen,
                  From the king so courage-full,
                  Harold’s shield I’ve hewn a hole in,
                  None can call that dint in doubt.”


  1. Love your image! And am thrilled to help inspire you. I'll be going back to Iceland this August.

  2. Lucky you! I am wondering if I can get a winter trip in this year or the next...