Saturday, May 21, 2011

001. Gridlock

And so, day 1. Having started part way through I have been working backwards until I came to day 1. The conjunction of images I picked, and images I made was purely a serendipitous accident on the day I stumbled across the project; but it has grown from that into something more structured as time went by; an image, or occasionally words of inspiration, an new image made in my digital workshop, some notes about the day, or the inspiration, or the process, and the finally the writing. But today, only one image... at least until the end ;)

since 100 = 10x10; I will have a grid of pictures created for this project at the end. I love grids. This image is my bedroom wall, but all the walls in my flat have small square pictures at eye level. The frames (from IKEA) are very cheap, and I can chop and change the images as/if the mood takes me, shuffle them about on my walls. I'd love to have a 10x10 grid on a blank wall, but I'd have to bend down to see some of the pictures then...

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